Tips for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Considering re-designing your kitchen? You may be wondering how you can ensure that materials and methods used are eco-friendly – we’ve got ten great tips.

Recycled glass

For a long time, anything recycled or repurposed meant a rustic style but recycling materials has matured so much so, than using recycled or repurposed materials means they look anything but used.

And with more suppliers offering all kinds of repurposed materials, you’ll find what you are looking for. If you are opting for glass cabinetry, consider using recycled glass panes, for example. Beautifully polished and clean, they look brand new.

Sustainable timber

Sustainable timber means sourcing your kitchen cabinets and wood worktops from places that plant just as much as they fell trees. Many manufacturers also support the environment in different ways too, so look for a responsible and sustainable manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and worktops.

Uber-efficient kitchen appliances

The number of powered devices in the kitchen has multiplied in recent years and with the growing popularity of the smart home, the kitchen digital revolution is well underway.

Thankfully, as well as being perfectly matched to busy life, kitchen appliances are also more efficient and less power hungry, great news for your energy bill.

Look for efficient kitchen appliances from low power drawing hob hoods to LED lighting that consumes far less power but still gives you the practical kitchen lighting you need.

And use the smart home technology in the kitchen too, so you have finite control over lighting and other appliances too.

Make recycling bins integral to kitchen design

We are recycling more at the kerbside but with most collections still being once a week, it can soon accumulate. Integral recycling bins are perfect for keeping recycling tidy and hidden until you have time to transfer to kerbside containers.

It needn’t be complicated. You can opt for various sizes of containers so that recycling can be separated before you place it out for collection. Make the refuse bin the smallest, a great way to encourage everyone to think about whether something can or should be thrown or recycled.

Ditch the chemical cleaners

Modern kitchen is incredibly robust and yet for some reason, we seem to try and scrub it away with the harshest chemicals we can!

The time has come to ditch harmful chemicals, opting for more au naturel alternatives instead. There is very little that a mix of white wine vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice for a beautiful clean smell cannot shift.

Choose an environmentally friendly kitchen

Suppliers and fitters of leading German kitchens in Glasgow, we know the beauty of Schuller kitchens are second to their environmental credentials. Do more with your new kitchen but damage the environment less with a sleek, modern and eco-friendly kitchen without compromising on quality.