Kitchen Design – Your Questions Answered!

Kitchen Design – Your Questions Answered!

Designing a new kitchen for your home? You’ll find it an exciting process but one that creates many questions.

Should I use a kitchen designer or do-it-myself?

Many people often design their new kitchen as it saves on money, meaning you have more money in the pot to spend on the kitchen itself as well as installation. There are pros to working with a kitchen designer, however. For example, you’ll benefit from their experience of getting the most from the room as well as ideas about the latest designs, colours and tiles etc.

How much should I budget for a new kitchen?

The honest answer is “it depends”. Ovens can range from £300 to £3,000. And because the size of kitchens vary you may need 10 cupboards and doors or 40!

It also depends on the style of sink and taps you choose, as well as the material used in worktops… you get the drift. Some people start by designing their dream kitchen and then cost it out, and then make hard decisions about what they want to keep!

Do I need planning permission for a new kitchen?

In most cases in Scotland, homeowners don’t need planning permission to add a new kitchen to their home. This may vary depending on the age of your property and whether it is listed. You’ll need to check, and you will also need to be confident before work starts that if you are knocking walls down or building walls that you are able to do so without planning permissions and permits.

How can I create a kitchen so everyone can use it?

The team at Zen Kitchens are able to help you design a kitchen that means everyone is able to use it by including what are known as elements of universal design. This includes things such as easy to use taps, dropped areas of worktop and easy to reach sinks etc.

What’s the kitchen design process?

You’ll need to think about your kitchen now and how you use it. Essentially, you’ll need to make a list of things that you love and what needs to be improved. You’ll also want to consider what is missing both in terms of appliances and what the kitchen design offers you. You’ll also need to consider how you use the kitchen. For example, if you are a keen baker, you’ll have certain things that you may want to include such as a bread oven.

How long does a kitchen re-modelling take?

It depends on the level of work being carried out. Clearly, replacing a like for like kitchen with a stylish Schüller kitchen will take less time than a larger renovation project in which the wall between the kitchen/diner is being knocked down. Other work, such as plastering, electrics, plumbing and tiling will need to be factored into the timetable too.

Do you have more questions about kitchen design, supply and installations? The team at Zen Kitchens Scotland will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Why not contact us?