How to Make the Right Choice of Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

How to Make the Right Choice of Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

Floor to ceiling cabinets are figuring strongly in current kitchen designs. But do they suit every kitchen?

There are many benefits to opting for floor to ceiling cabinets in the kitchen. As well as offering an abundance of storage space, they are also a welcome design statement in the kitchen too. Even better news is that they can suit any size or design of kitchen, if you use them well in your final kitchen design.

#1 Create a wall of cabinets

Slimline and minimal, adding a wall of floor to ceiling cabinets works in any kitchen because it ‘squares off’ the room, giving a clear focal point. You can either keep it as one bank of cupboards or if you feel it needs more detail, add kitchen appliances such as ovens and the microwave to break it up a little.

#2 Maximise storage in a small or U-shaped kitchen

The issue many people have when it comes to designing their bespoke Schuller kitchen is that the shape of the room doesn’t allow them very much room. Contrary to what you may think, a small wall of floor to ceiling cabinets in a u-shape or small kitchen doesn’t crowd the space as you would think – but it does give you loads more storage space.

#3 Clever tricks to maximise light

If your kitchen window is larger in both width and length, you’ll need to be careful not to crowd out the natural light with kitchen cabinets, especially if the floor to ceiling cabinets are on the wall perpendicular to the window. Instead of the cabinets meeting the window frame, leave a gap to fit in a slimline shelving unit so that natural light floods in.

#4 Use contrasting colours or finishes

It is a criticism that could be easily levelled at floor to ceiling kitchen and that is, it can all look a bit boring. On one hand, you could say it looks streamlined and cohesive. Or not. If you want to break the monotony, use different, contrasting colours of cabinet doors on the floor to ceiling cabinets to the rest of the room. This change in tempo in the final design awakens the room. Don’t forget, cabinet doors are easily replaced so when you want to add a new colour or finish, it is relatively straightforward to do.

#5 Incorporate workspace

Another great idea with walls of floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets is to create a recess for a worktop where you can prepare food or create a recess for your hob complete with lighting and integral extractor fan.

#6 Breakfast nook

Another sweet idea which is great for a busy kitchen in the morning is creating what is known as a breakfast nook. This is the place where you’ll put all your thing for the following day and with a handy stool, could also be the place that you also enjoy your breakfast before work.

Have you considered floor to ceiling cabinets for your kitchen?