How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Cupboards

How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Cupboards

Designing and renovating a kitchen is an exciting project because finally, you’ll have the dream kitchen that offers all the space you could possibly need. But are your maxing kitchen cupboard space so you make the most of every inch?

Store things in a way that ‘makes sense’

The trick behind storage solutions in the kitchen and across the home is to place everyday things where you can get at them quickly and easily. Some call this ‘eye-level storage’. Things you will need every day should be eye level, things you need less often should be knee level and things you need only occasional should be head height. This way, there is no excuse for not putting things away either!

Store spices on a Lazy Susan

If you love cooking and experimenting with different dishes, you’ll no doubt have jars of spices. A spice rack is one solution but it’s not the only one – a Lazy Susan in the spice cupboard will keep all your jars in place. Better still they are easy to access, perfect for the next time you are cooking up a storm.

Baskets and boxes

It seems predictable to include these on the list but corralling loose packets in cupboards is almost impossible without them. Invest in a quality set of baskets or boxes that fit perfectly within your cupboard space. Not all your cupboards will need baskets but for food cupboards, these are great for grouping ingredients and foodstuffs.

Matching storage containers

Manufacturers don’t make their product packaging to fit in your cupboards and so investing in storage containers of different sizes that can be clearly labelled with foodstuffs is the way forward – certainly for baking ingredients. Opt for clear plastic containers with easy pour lids and you’ll never look back!.

Drawer organisers

Drawers are essential in a kitchen and many of our customers find them a great alternative to kitchen cupboards with shelving. As great as they are, drawer organisers add even more versatility to the space. From pan dividers to cutlery organisers, there is a range of options when it comes to organising drawer space with built-in solutions.

Design the perfect kitchen for YOU!

We all use the kitchen differently and that means the storage you need will be different too. Keen cooks and bakers will need a lot more storage for ingredients and foodstuffs than someone who only bakes occasionally, for example.

And that’s why it is important to design your new Schuller kitchen from ZEN Kitchens around you. Giving you a range of kitchen design and storage solution options, we work with the space in your kitchen to maximise every inch of it, leaving you with the perfect space to cook, bake and eat in.