How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

A small kitchen doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic. These simple tips are great for helping a small kitchen to feel bigger.

#1 Choose colours carefully

You may think that the only colour option that works for a small kitchen is white but this doesn’t have to be the case. White is a great colour because it is light, bright and reflective but some people find an all-white kitchen too stark and clinical.

There is no doubt that opting for lighter colours helps to make any space feel bigger so keep your choice of colours light. Grey kitchen cabinetry with light coloured tiles and walls is an on-trend choice that is proving popular.

TOP TIP – Keep the flooring light too and paint the ceiling white so that the room feels bigger in terms of height too.

#2 Add colour and detail with coloured tiles

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be devoid of all character and colour – you just need to be choosy about where and how you use colour. Using coloured tiles is one way of adding dashes and splashes of colour in the smaller kitchen. You could also use patterned tiles too.

#3 Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns can be found everywhere and because they are so regular and asymmetrical, they are the perfect choice for helping to make a space feel bigger, either in height or width.

TOP TIP – as well as geometric patterns why not consider shaped tiles? In a light colour, they can add a note of interest to a smaller kitchen without it feeling cluttered.

#4 Use plenty of reflective glossy surfaces

A reflective surface is great for kicking around more light in a smaller kitchen and so opt for glossy cabinet doors as well as reflective backsplashes and other kitchen furniture.

#5 Consider open shelving

Open shelving isn’t to everyone’s taste but in a small kitchen is can be perfect for taking up less room and light in the space. Having said that, you’ll need to be uber-organised and arrange items on the shelf that gives shelves an organised and balanced look.

#6 Declutter (and stay clutter-free!)

If you have items out on the worktop, you’ll find that the kitchen soon takes on a cluttered and small feel. The clearer the worktops, the larger the room will feel and so you need to find a space for everything either on a shelf or in a cupboard. Make it your mission to keep the worktops as clear as possible with nothing more than the kettle and a few well-placed accessories on display.

#7 Opt for a smaller sink

If you have a dishwasher in your kitchen (opt for slimline appliances to give the feeling of more space) then you don’t need such a big sink. In fact, why not swap the traditional sink and drainer style for a small sink with an inlaid draining area? This reduces the impact of the sink in the overall design of the kitchen.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to cramped. With light colours and great lighting and a minimalist approach, your bijou kitchen can look bigger than it is – and very stylish too!