How to Get the Right Kitchen for You

How to Get the Right Kitchen for You

A recent survey found that the majority of us spend more than an hour in the kitchen every day. To be precise, we spend 72 minutes cooking, baking and hanging out in this room. we’ve always known that the kitchen is the heart of the home so when it comes to a re-design, getting the right kitchen for you is a priority.

DO list what you don’t like about your kitchen

If we were brutally honest, there are things about the current kitchen that we don’t love. It could be the layout, lack of room for recycling tubs and bins, or the fact that the lights just need to be moved to the left by a few centimetres. Whatever bothers you about your current kitchen, making a list and then rank this list in order of priority of what must change.

… but don’t be closed to new ideas and designs

However, it’s really important to be opened minded about new ideas and potential design solutions. You want a kitchen that works for you and so the kitchens featured in glossy magazines may not be the ideal layout for you.

DO keep workflow in mind

The kitchen is a practical space. From baking your favourite cake to cooking a family meal to entertaining guests, there needs to be a flow to how you work and use your kitchen. How this works will depend on factors such as where the sink is located, along with internal and external doors and windows.

… but don’t adopt a kitchen design that you think will work

Because it MUST work for you.

DO bear everyone in mind when designing your kitchen

You may have young children or you use a wheelchair, for example, or you cook more than anyone else in the family… every client has different needs and wants from kitchen design and that means getting it right so that everyone in your family can enjoy the new kitchen. you may need to consider adapting worktop heights, as well as making choices around suitable storage solutions.

… but don’t try to future-proof the kitchen too much

Your needs will change and so trying to create a kitchen that will meet all potential eventualities is very hard to do. Consider what you need now and what you can see changing in the future and makes plans for those changes.

DO fit wall cabinets the ceiling

You’ll find the layer of dust that gathers on top of the cabinets very annoying especially as you will have to keep vacuuming and wiping them down. You may have intentions of keeping items on top of cabinets but this can create a very cluttered eyeline when it comes to keeping pleasant clean lines in your new Schuller kitchen.

… but don’t if you have very tall ceilings!

Obviously, if you live in an older property that boasts wonderfully tall ceilings then placing your cabinets up high will put them out of reach.