How to Design a Family-Friendly Kitchen

How to Design a Family-Friendly Kitchen

The hub of family activity, designing a family-friendly kitchen means everyone can safely enjoy being in the kitchen. But just how do you create a fantastic kitchen that welcomes everyone?

Consider a kitchen diner with half wall island

There is no denying the perfection that is the kitchen diner combination. Kids can sit at the table playing on their iPads or doing their homework whilst you cook dinner. A truly family friendly space, you can define the kitchen diner with a half wall island meaning you make the most of cupboard space without cutting the room in half.

Easy care surfaces for worktops and cabinet doors

Sticky fingers and marks get everywhere and whilst you may hanker after the beauty pf pristine white glossy cupboard doors, keeping on top of spills and marks will be an ongoing issue for years to come. The trick is to choose easy care surface that take nothing more than a quick wipe down. From stainless steel to hardwearing kitchen cabinet doors, there are many options to suit the busy family kitchen.

Maximising storage space

Whether you have plenty of space in the kitchen or not, the secret to the success of a family friendly kitchen is maximising storage BUT organising it in such a way that children can access things that they need too. This could be a half height cupboard with the dining table activity sets in or a cupboard of their treats including fruit and cutlery, plates and so on. This way, you’ll save on kids climbing on worktops and leaving every cupboard door open too!

Don’t forget to add character

Children’s artwork, family messages and of course, don’t forget the all-important home hub such as Google or Alexa and you can soon see how the kitchen becomes a busy place in terms of accessories and additions. A chalkboard is perfect for the family friendly kitchen, adding a space for kids to doodle and draw, as well as messages and reminders. Designing a stylish kitchen doesn’t mean removing all character completely.  With a few tweaks here and there, it can still be teeming with contributions from everyone.

Include plenty of seating options

Seating in the family kitchen is even more important and yet it is so often overlooked. Dining chairs around the dining table are obvious but what about stools at the worktops or kitchen island? You’ll find that the simplest solutions offer the best options. Fun coloured stools are very on-trend right now and perfect for creating a homework area too.

High shelving for safety

There are many things in the kitchen that pose a danger to children and so placing things out of reach is clearly an essential consideration in designing a family-friendly kitchen. High cupboards and shelving is perfect for keeping things out of the way or a lockable cupboard in the utility room works just as well.

Designing a family friendly kitchen is something the team at Zen Kitchen could help you with. Fun, stylish and full of character, Schüller kitchen have it all for the modern family!