5 Ways To Give Your Kitchen Character

5 Ways To Give Your Kitchen Character

The kitchen thrives on function and versatility but what that can lead to is a practical space that lacks character. Just like all the other rooms in your home, you can add your own personal touch to the space. And we’ve got five stunning ideas of how to do it!

#1 Backsplash with attitude

The backsplash behind the kitchen taps and the hob usually has a layer of waterproof material, such as tiling or laminated MDF for example. This is a great area to use to add colour to a new kitchen. But as well as colour, why not consider some of the latest tile shapes and designs? Adding instant zing to the kitchen, when the time comes to update their look, it won’t cost too much to replace them either!

#2 Light up the room with eye-catching kitchen lights

Again, we are used to kitchen lighting being practical and so recessed ceiling lights the ideal solution but in recent years, there has been a growing trend for more ornate, designer kitchen lights.

We can’t get enough of this craze so much so, it seems to be one that’s hanging around for some time. It doesn’t mean, however, that you opt for just looks when it comes to designer lighting but also the best place for it in the kitchen. You still plenty of light and you should never be working in shadow.

However, designer lighting over a breakfast bar or central island is ideal for adding a stamp of character on the room.

#3 Half fitted, half freestanding kitchen

The assumption is that the only way a kitchen can really work if it is all fitted – in other words, once the installers have left, nothing can be moved around.

Whilst some items work better fitted, like the fridge and freezer unit, some items must be fixed and in a certain spot too, such as gas or electric cookers and hobs, as well as the kitchen sink.

The half and half kitchen gives you the best of both worlds – a fitted kitchen area with all the essentials and then your choice of furniture for the rest of the room. For example, you could replace some kitchen units with a freestanding dresser, one that fits with your style and the rest of the room.

It’s an idea worth exploring but it is harder than it appears to ‘get the right look’.

#4 Highlight areas with kitchen wallpaper

If tiling and re-tiling sound too expensive and too fiddly, then opting for a statement wall or space with kitchen wallpaper is a fantastic way of adding a stamp of character to your kitchen.

Mix and match by choosing the same wallpaper pattern but in different colours to create a truly unique wall or display area. It looks great but if you have an upbeat personality, it will suit you too!

#5 Add a gallery wall

The way we cook in the kitchen has changed and so at one time, placing artwork in the kitchen meant it would be covered in grease in next to no time. Today, healthier cooking habits and extractor fans and the like make the kitchen a more pleasant space.

Thus, if you have an expanse of wall, add detail and texture, as well as character, with a collection of artwork. Use varying sizes and frames to lift it from the wall, trawling secondhand shops to pick up pieces for nothing more than a few pounds.

Adding colour and texture is sure to give your kitchen character, which of these ideas will you try?