5 Reasons to Choose a Schüller Kitchen

5 Reasons to Choose a Schüller Kitchen

An exceptionally busy room, the kitchen is an important space and one that must offer a range of options. But why choose Schüller kitchens for the hub of your home?

#1 Long-standing pedigree

Started in 1966 by Otto Schüller, the company is now in the top five kitchen design companies. From a small family rub company to a leading global exporter of high-quality, stylish kitchens, Schüller is a recognised name.

But that doesn’t mean your new German kitchen will be the same as all the others. Far from it, the pedigree is Schüller is that they are continually innovating but within a given range, offer more than enough options for customers to create their own unique kitchen.

Manufacturing well over 100,000 kitchens a year, the company now employ a workforce of over a thousand and at Zen Kitchens, we never tire of the quality of the product Schüller German kitchens offer.

#2 Exceptional quality

Schüller builds its reputation on many things but first and foremost is the exceptional quality of every component of every kitchen collection that they offer. These high standards are expected to be carried through into customer service as well as installation, a tradition we are more than pleased to continue.

#3 Precision engineering

You may not think of your kitchen cupboards or floor-to-ceiling cupboards as being engineered but the kitchen needs to meld and dovetail in such a way that it offers the perfect workspace whether you are cooking for ten people or whipping up a batch of homemade cakes. Seamlessly engineered and put together, it is a space that is welcoming and functional, a triumph of the design and installation process.

#4 A fresh approach

Each year, Schüller kitchen design team produce even more exquisite kitchens. But they always stay one step ahead. For example, the smart home – and in particular, the smart kitchen – is increasingly common in the UK. Using interactive technology to improve our lives and make living in our homes makes perfect sense.

With this in mind, Schüller has created sleek, minimal and modern kitchen designs that suit our more interactive lifestyle with our home. But here’s the thing: the aspects of kitchen design that are still needed and that ‘aren’t broken’ remain strong features of the overall kitchen. So, the beautiful soft-closing doors and drawers remain ‘as standard’ in a kitchen that is anything but standard.

#5 Eco-friendly

We all know how much more we need to do to reverse climate change. As homeowners, you are probably taking steps to prevent your latest home improvement from damaging the environment. Using responsible contractors to dispose and recycle waste as much, for example, and consuming less non-renewable materials.

There are several ways in which Schüller kitchens minimise their impact on the environment, something you will benefit from too. For example, where possible, all materials are recycled and reused or repurposed from the kitchen build process. And their trucks which deliver their kitchens to countries throughout Europe are modified to use far less fuel, reducing their carbon emissions further.

There is no denying the quality and finish of a Schüller kitchen. Offering German kitchens in Scotland, we are a growing and established supplier and installer of German, Schüller kitchens in Scotland. Call us to find out more.