5 Kitchen Trends Tipped for 2019

5 Kitchen Trends Tipped for 2019

The hub of the home is also one of the most stylish but what’s tipped to be top of every dream kitchen in 2019? We round up five of the best kitchen design ideas.

#1 Make more of the floor

It needs to be the epitome of practical but that doesn’t mean the kitchen floor has be boring. With grey still being a welcome neutral colour, from laminate to tiling, it is still a popular colour choice that will be on trend for some time.

In terms of material, there are many choices when it comes to kitchen flooring. Making a splash, however, are vinyl tiles. Hardwearing and easy to use, there is a growing range of colours and patterns to choose from. And because they are easy to change, if you aren’t ready for a new kitchen just yet, giving your floor a new lease of life is a great way to up the style stakes.

#2 Light blue cupboards

We’ve stayed away from colour too long but if you aren’t ready for a darker hue in the kitchen, the light chalky blue tipped for success in kitchen design 2019. Such a beautiful light colour is ideal for any size kitchen. Keep the door furniture minimal and the rest of the kitchen décor neutral and light to enjoy its full affect.

#3 The big news splashback

Kitchen design in 2019 is all about making more of the small stuff. The splash back is functional and this year, designers are promising to give it a makeover. And why not?

The good news, this small section of the tiling can be as bright and gregarious as you like. From opulent gold tiles with a high shine metallic finish to busy patterns, the choice is entirely yours. What we like about this idea is how easy it is to change. When the trend has passed and you want a different look, simply chip off, and replace.

#4 Smooth, streamlined look

We all demand something different from the kitchen and so no one design will tick everyone’s boxes. Of course, the minimal, streamline kitchen design is nothing new but like other designs and styles, it ebbs and flows in terms of popularity.

In 2019, minimal and streamlined means a cohesive finishing across the entire kitchen, including cabinetry and kitchen equipment. No longer does your refrigerated wine cooler have to stand out for all the wrong reasons…

#5 Going (more) green

Not so much the colour – although a deep emerald green with brass fittings is a popular choice for those enjoying the Victoriana resurgence – but green in terms of environmental credentials.

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the damage we cause the environment. As well as taking small, consistent steps to reduce waste and recycle more, when it comes to home renovations, environmentally friendly materials and builds methods are more common place than ever before.

Schuller kitchens, high-quality German design kitchens, are meeting all kinds of environmental standards. With less waste produced as part of the build process, and much more recycled too, a new kitchen with us will see you do more for the environment.

And that’s great news.