10 Common Kitchen Renovation & Design Mistakes

10 Common Kitchen Renovation & Design Mistakes

You are spending a considerable amount of time and budget on re-designing the kitchen at your home, the final design you will have to live and work with for many years to come. What are the potential pitfalls that could make your new kitchen less than perfect?

  1. Ignoring the workflow in the kitchen – the ‘kitchen triangle’ exists for a reason: it is the culmination of studying ergonomics and movement in the kitchen. Placing key components such as worktops, the kitchen sink and fridge/oven within a natural flow means movement is limited, saving on how much you need to move around to accomplish a delicious meal.

  2. Ignoring your storage needs – can a kitchen ever have enough storage? Probably not but whether you have a large kitchen or a more compact space, getting the most from storage and the right kind of storage is essential for your new kitchen to work.

  3. Not including enough worktop space – as well as maximising storage, you want to make the most of worktop space. From kitchen islands to eating areas, worktops are a versatile addition to any new kitchen.

  4. Poor lighting – from shadows cast by bright lights positioned behind you to not enough lighting in key areas of the kitchen, poor lighting hampers how well you can use the room. Consider if you have enough layers of lighting, from LED under cupboard lights to recessed spotlights in the ceiling.

  5. Inadequate ventilation – all hobs need an extractor fan or ventilation fan above to draw away not just cooking smells but steam too. Not including one is not an option in the modern home, but you need to make sure you opt for one that is powerful enough.

  6. Not including the bin and recycling tubs in the overall kitchen design – it’s easy when designing your new kitchen on paper to fall in love with concealed detergent dispensers and fancy cooker hoods but what about the smaller, important details such as the kitchen bin not being on display. And don’t forget the recycling tubs that every modern home has.

  7. Making the kitchen island too big – the temptation is to make it as large as possible, but an oversized kitchen island can disrupt the flow. And too small, it is ineffective. Carefully consider the footprint of the room and what size of kitchen island it can accommodate.

  8. Not putting appliances in the right place – the dishwasher needs to be close to the sink for plumbing reasons and the other appliances should be placed where they are easily accessible and doesn’t involve excess travel to reach them as you cook and bake.

  9. Forgoing the backsplash – it may look cutting edge to not have a backsplash but within a few uses, you’ll be scrubbing stains and watermarks from the wall behind your sink. Opt for the latest in tile design or make it a real stand out but whatever you do, don’t forgo the backsplash.

  10. Letting price guide your choices over quality – life is tough on kitchen cupboards and doors, and their furniture including handles and hinges. Opting for a very budget range means these important components will soon wear. Finish and precision are important in any kitchen, from cabinets to cupboards, something we know all about.

Affordable and high-end quality, what more could you want from your new kitchen? Talk to us today about design and kitchen installation in Scotland.